The Sport

The sport of Dodgeball has been played around the World for over 15 years. The popularity of dodgeball has grown rapidly, moving from the school ground to the local community level to the national and international level, and has recently expanded to different surfaces, including dodgeball on trampolines, sand and turf.

Dodgeball is a sport in which two teams of 6 players compete by throwing balls at each other, with the aim of eliminating all the players on the opposing team. A standard match is 40 mins, in which teams play as many sets as possible, and get a point every time they eliminate the opposing team. Players eliminate the opposition by hitting them with a dodgeball or catching a ball thrown by the opposition (which also brings one of their own players back onto the court).

The sport is governed by the WDBF. Their mandate is to oversee the development and growth of the sport of dodgeball across the world. As part of their work, they have created standardized rules and equipment for international competition. These can be found in the official rulebook of the WDBF.

Click here to download the current version of the WDBF official rulebook. The newest revision of the WDBF official rulebook is scheduled to be released in August of 2017.