The Presenting Organizations

World Dodgeball Federation

The World Dodgeball Federation was established in 2011 as the official international governing body of the sport of dodgeball. Responsible for overseeing rule standardization at the international level and promoting elite play, the World Dodgeball Federation’s mandate is to drive progress and growth for the sport, globally. The World Dodgeball Federation and its member nations organize international tournaments and match-ups around the world, including the World Dodgeball Championships. To learn more visit

Dodgeball Canada

Dodgeball Canada is federally-incorporated, non-profit organization, whose goal is to actively grow dodgeball in Canada. They represent 19 member leagues and 10,000+ active players across Canada at all levels of competition. In addition to overseeing the National Program and supporting five-time world champion Team Canada (three mens’ and two womens’) at the highest levels of competitive play, Dodgeball Canada supports numerous community organizations, as well as promoting fair play and sportsmanship at the junior high and high school levels through their Dodge in Schools program. Dodgeball Canada also supports the sport’s growth globally through their Executive Seat in the World Dodgeball Federation. To learn more about Dodgeball Canada, or to find a league near you visit